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Vantage Points, a collective of multidisciplinary artists formed in 2020, is exploring exhibition spaces for the Fall of 2022.



At Vantage Points we have come together to continue our artistic discourse and collectively acknowledge the importance of exhibitions as part of our on-going arts education.


The Fall 2022 exhibition, which is currently in the planning phase and slated for a September or October opening, follows two previously successful on-site gallery exhibitions as well as two virtually curated shows.


As host of the exhibition space you will be joining Vantage Points in further raising the profile of an impressive group of emerging and established artists working in both the New York and international art communities.

The exhibition can be designed to fit a traditional gallery space or it can also be adapted to any other room configuration or size.

Previous shows were presented across four floors of a historic red-brick warehouse at the South Street Seaport. While many of the pieces will be available for sale, the show’s primary intent is to provide a visually transporting experience for the attending audience.


Between Here and Now

artists reconstitute the future

Featuring sculpture, painting, photography, and multimedia installations, this show conjures a unique vision of the present moment. The selected works reflect collective and individual responses to two years of imposed isolation.

Adapting to uncertainty, the artists embrace new approaches that mine the past and present to build forward. The exhibition explores the liminal space between apparent dichotomies: disorientation and reorientation, anxiety and comfort, isolation and community, resistance and momentum, disintegration and reintegration, movement and stasis. These dynamic practices coalesce around an unknowable and fluid future.

Curated by Leah Koransky, Caitlin Miller, Amit Sethi, and Tamsen Williams under the mentorship of Heidi Norton and Kate Steciw of Vantage Points.

Tamsen Williams


silk, latex, lost socks

David Frieberg

Your EKG

Acrylic, Oil stick, crayon, graphite, on canvas

The Wall and the Wild


Alone | Together

“Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you

can retreat at any time and be yourself.” Hermann Hesse

The photographers in this exhibition create work about coping with the temporal and spatial displacement of this historic period, telling distinctive stories of their search for sanctuary. Together their work provides a compelling perspective on the changes to life, community, and culture

brought on by the challenges of this unique era.

The streets provide an endless backdrop for drama, both light and dark, played out in empty silence. Open fields and vast stretches of coastline bring awareness to the human plight and its relation to nature’s ever-changing landscapes. Windows frame thoughts, a moment, a longing, a child’s wonder. It is this sense of searching that allows for opportunities and inspiration.


Curated by Amit Sethi, Constance Keller and Cassandra

Metz under the mentorship of Heidi Norton and Kate

Steciw of Vantage Points.

Amit Sethi

the wall and the wild


archival print on plexi



Measure of Change


Work that explores the concept of time and its power to shape

us in ways that might seem imperceptible in the moment, but

that reveal themselves across years and decades.


Being isolated and quarantined, time moves in unfamiliar ways, distorting someone’s temporal perception. This work explores the concept of time and its power to shape us in ways that might seem imperceptible in the moment, but that reveal themselves across years and decades.


Organized by Kate Steciw, Antonio Bever and Heidi Norton.

Cassandra Metz

covid landscapes






A selection of work made by Topica Collective in 2021 that speaks to opening the doors, seeing the light, and becoming visible again. For 365 days we have been parts under a plague, locked in our homes and isolated from society. Human beings, social species, rely on cooperation to survive and thrive, however we have been forced to communicate, show affection, and live through screens and devices. But just as the sun crosses the equator line, heading north, science has brought us a cure. We are becoming whole again.

Constance Keller

lily, fern, and iris together


Who We Are - Vantage Points Art Education

The exhibiting artists all met at Vantage Points, an art education service geared towards helping students of all ages develop their artistic practice. We are an international community of photographers, painters, and sculptors, developing our separate portfolios while supporting each other’s growth and presenting our work together in person and online.

Vantage Points’ founder, Heidi Norton, is a contemporary artist, educator and writer living and working in NYC. She has had solo exhibitions at the Lubeznik Museum, Elmhurst Art Museum,

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and Monique Meloche, Chicago, among others. She has taught at some of the most acclaimed art institutions and universities, including SAIC, Parsons The New School, Fashion Institute of Technology, Northwestern.

Other instructors include the following contemporary artists: Kate Steciw, Letha Wilson, Antonio Bever, Natalie Baxter, Shala Miller, Leah Dixon, Jaqueline Cedar, Elliott Jerome Brown Jr. and Nyeema Morgan.

Contributing Artists

Adina Scherer

Allen Browning

Amit Sethi

Cassandra Metz

Chloe Campion

Christina Beahan

Christopher Romero

Francis Reynolds

Julia D’Amico

Loren Kaye

Marika Kent

Victor Nwankwo

Emily Margarit Mason

Síle Marrinan

Caitlin Miller

Jessica Russell

Bianca Lopez

Jon McJunkin

Meganelizabeth Diamond

Yuriko Kubota

Susan Everett

Leah Koransky

Alexis Caruso

Madeline Cass

David Frieberg

Constance Keller

Char Klein

Yi Hsuan Lai

Victoria Manzoli

Pamela Markus

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